Campus Expansion Plan

During the first eight years of working in the village of Kigutu, Village Health Works (VHW) has built an impressive amount of basic infrastructure. We installed the first electricity supply by adding a small solar field. We brought in drinking water with the addition of a large water tank and a second tank that was built just this past year. We have built roads and drainage, and a basic waste management system. These rudimentary systems have served the operations for our 40-bed clinical facility as well as the new residences for VHW staff and visitors, and have benefited the nearby community members as well.

However, the current infrastructure is not enough to serve the current needs. We know that the Kigutu Campus infrastructure must be expanded significantly to provide services to the large and important hospital building that we plan to build. The new Womens Health Pavilion (WHP) will need a steady supply of power, a complete waste management system, and other utilities that are considered standard in the rest of the world. Quality support systems are essential to providing health care services in Kigutu.

Below you will find the Infrastructure Master Plan (in PDF format) which highlights the necessary projects for the various campus systems: roads, drainage, drinking water, wastewater, electricity, and solid waste management. This plan includes schematics to operate the entire expanded campus, including the new WHP. Considerations have also been made for future buildings that might be added in the next ten years including new residential buildings, additional two family houses, a new educational facility, and additional clinical buildings. Network expansion concepts, preliminary sizes for primary components, locations, and cost estimates have been made for each infrastructure system. 

Please note that this plan does not yet include an outline of the additional needs for IT, communications, or other operational aspects of the campus. This plan considers, but does not directly illustrate the vast and growing infrastructure needs for the surrounding Kigutu Community.

Over 50 specific projects were identified to expand the campus infrastructure systems in the upcoming seven to ten years.

Please download the Infrastructure Master Plan PDF here to learn more about these exciting projects. 

Campus Utility Expansion Plan for 2016 

Utility Summary