Music Program

From its inception, Village Health Works has understood the vital place of music in childhood development and community healing.  On any given afternoon, the sound of drums, voices, and recorders waft over the beautiful gardens of the clinic. VHW's virtuosic drumming corps and dancing choirs take pride in their musical achievement as they help preserve the ancient traditions of their nation.  

Music is central to Village Health Works's medical mission as well.  Master musicians on the staff create songs and dances transmitting vital information about health, hygiene, and social justice.  In performances throughout the catchment area, the drummers and dancers spread the word, drawing new patients to the clinic. 
Since 2013, an exchange with Western musician-educators, has brought recorders and music theory to Kigutu, and in 2014 a piano arrived through the generosity of board member Sharon Jacob.  

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Musical Builds:





Hand-eye coordination 

Tone discrimination


International understanding

Community Pride 

Preservation of tradition

Dissemination of health, nutrition, and agricultural information