The Kigutu Academy

The Kigutu Academy will be a premier teaching institution where teachers and principals from around Burundi come for professional development. The initial cornerstone of this academy is a UNICEF-funded early childhood development center, which includes an on-site preschool and 10 satellite centers providing preschool and parental education, as well as early childhood nutrition and health services in some locations.


SCALEAfrica's renderings for the Kigutu Academy


Education is the foundation of development as it helps communities to achieve the following results:

  • Literacy - knowledge and skills for self-actualization and enhanced productivity
  • A capacity to improve living conditions (housing, nutrition, health care, leisure and recreation etc.)
  • More opportunity for developing professional and technical capacity that lead to job opportunities or self-employment

The education program available to the children of the Kigutu community and surrounding areas will serve as a best practice approach for enhancing national reconciliation stability and human resource development. 


If you are interested in supporting this exciting project, or know partners who would be, we are in the midst of a capital campaign for the construction of the Kigutu Academy (including costs of operationalizing it in the first year) for a sum total of USD 1 million (as of October 2014). Please reach out to Jason Shellaby ( if you would like more information.