Women's Health Pavilion

Our goal is to build a center of excellence that will become a health care model and a beacon of hope for Burundi and the central/east African region. Over the next three years, we plan to expand clinical capacity by constructing the Women’s Health Pavilion (WHP)—a state-of-the-art teaching hospital designed to meet the specific health needs of women and children. The WHP will provide safe delivery of babies, safe emergency obstetrical care, vital neonatal care, and the capacity to develop comprehensive surgical services. International clinical partners will train VHW providers and clinicians from across the country and region.


VHW wants to give a special thanks to Beth Dembitzer (Producer and Director), Bryan Saunders (Editor) and Laurent Ciron (cinematographer), as well as our Board Member Lauren Driscoll for her support in producing this video.

Renderings of the entrance of the Women's Health Pavilion: 

Rendering of the first floor of the Women's Health Pavilion:WHP inside 1

Renderings of the second floor of the Women's Health Pavilion:WHP Upstairs

Renderings provided by Bergen Street Studio

Why is Maternal Health such an important issue to address in Burundi? (World Bank Data)

  • Burundi has a maternal mortality ratio of 740 (i.e. 740 maternal deaths per 100 000 live births) compared to 510 in sub-Saharan Africa and 15 in developed countries

  • In Burundi, a woman faces a 1-in-22 lifetime risk of dying due to pregnancy or childbirth compared to a 1-in-38 risk in sub-Saharan Africa and a 1-in-4,000 risk in developed countries

  • 67 out of 1,000 Burundian babies die before they reach their first birthday compared to 64 in Sub-­Saharan Africa and 5 in developed countries 


We are in the midst of a capital campaign, if you are interested in supporting this ambitious project, or know partners who would be, please reach out to Jason Shellaby (jshellaby@villagehealthworks.org) for more information.